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Promoting Teachers’ Health – Psychodramatic Ideas

When I am not a psychodramatist, I conduct research on classroom learning, teachers, and the potential of new digital technologies. Recently, I tried to bring the two passions of my life together and wrote the abstract you will find below. It presents the theoretical underpinning for a workshop that aims at tackling role confusion and […]

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Doctors training using role play with professional actors

In yesterday’s edition of the Süddeutsche Zeitung (Leading german daily newspaper, edition of 4.2.2012, p.8)  there was an interview with Prof. Dr. Monika Keller of the University Hospital Heidelberg, who runs a training program for physicians for an appropriate style of conversation with cancer patients: »The participants describe a scene, which is moving them persistently […]

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Psychodrama 2013 – how would you like it?

The year is still young, so it seems appropriate to think about the possibilities and goals for the psychodrama of 2013. : D Firstly, I perceive that in both informal and formal discussions in Germany and internationally (e.g. the list of Adam Blattner) the subject of psychodrama research increasingly shows up. There are plans and […]

Neurobiology and Moreno’s „every true second time”

Recently, I came across a speech of Gerald Hüther, one of Germany’s most famous brain researchers. The speech was about (re-)forming brain structures through social experiences. As reading it, instantly Moreno’s famous quote came into my mind: „Every true second time is the liberation from the first” (The Theatre of Spontaneity 1947: 90-1). If you […]

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Fall-Issue of German Psychodrama-Journal on »The Stage« (ZPS 2012/2 – October 2012)

Just out: The Fall-Issue of the German Journal of Psychodrama and Sociometry (October 2012) Theme-Issue on  »The Stage« Editors are Stefan Gunkel and Christian Stadler, who have written the editorial. Here the content and the abstracts: Brigitte Marschall: The stage as a space of perception At the beginning of the twenties century the influences of […]

Spontaneous or impulsive? Acting as a psychodrama director

Recently, in a podcast about the the inclusion of systemic theory into the client-centered approach of Rogers, it was briefly mentioned that the therapist must always be at least a little “healthier” than the client as a precondition for successful therapy. For example, in order to enable the therapist to be truly present a person […]

How do social workers use psychodrama?

Recently an interesting question came up during a discussion with systemic oriented colleagues: How do social workers use psychodrama:?: This question addresses not the “normal counseling situation” but such activities like outreach family support services, assisted living, gerontopsychiatric care etc. Would appreciate answers.  Ulf Klein, Munich, Germany

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Psychodrama and Sociodrama in the UK

A few weeks ago I attended this year’s BPA conference in Cirencester, England. Already last year I went to a Sociodrama workshop in Manchester which inspired me very much. I was very taken with it and wanted more… It certainly was worth it!   Psychodrama and Sociodrama culture in UK and current developments Much more […]

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Train-the-Trainer Workshop and Psychodrama

The last two days my colleagues and I conducted a Train-the-Trainer workshop for a large German company. The 80 participants came from 18 countries all over the world, e.g. from USA, China, Japan, Brazil, Hungary and Germany. Aim of the workshop was to make the first step to build up a international trainer network for […]

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Tu Felix Austria – A Visit to Austria

Some  weeks ago I had the privilege to present a two-days-workshop about my systemic approach of psychodrama as part of the advanced training program of psychodramatic psychotherapy at the Institut for Psychosocial Intervention und Communication Research at the University of Innsbruck / Austria.  Austrian law on psychotherapy accredits a wide range of  psychotherapy approaches, much […]

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